Rohith Salim

Product | Engineering

I am a product leader with a passion for startups, engineering and product design. I am also the founder and Head instructor for Lead with Data, an online school to help people think analytically and make data driven decisions.

I spent most of my childhood in Dubai and came to US to study at Carnegie Mellon University. While in school, I had the opportunity to work at a couple of amazing companies like Microsoft and Yelp.

After graduating, I hiked east to New York City to work as a software engineer at Rent The Runway, a startup with a goal of democratizing high fashion. After working there for about a year, I joined Oyster (now acq. by Google) as it's first platform engineer and grew within the company to become it's first product manager.

I have been living and working out of India since December, 2015. Currently, I am working at Cuemath, a company with the goal of fixing India's broken education system.

In my spare time, I enjoy enjoy boxing, basketball and reading.

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